It’s hot out there, but don’t sweat it!

Howdy all,
Well, this summer has been treating us well. We had a great time at the Bluegrass on the Boardwalk event in Brookings, OR over the 4th of July. This month, we have several other festival experiences coming up, and we invite you to come out and see what all the fuss is about:
There’s this:


and, of course, this:

But, before you start planning too far into the future, let’s focus on this evening. It’s going to be hot today and there’s no denying that most of you do a fairly poor job of tolerating this heat. Like this guy:

Sure, you could wander around aimlessly, from one water fountain to the next. Or, you could seek relief from neighborhood resources. However, do you really want to get caught drinking a miller lite in your neighbor’s kiddie pool? Again? Of course you don’t.

This evening, instead of elbowing your way through a sweat-spangled max train during rush hour, why not head down to Valentine’s Happenings (232 SW Ankeny) for some easy relief? We’ll provide the tunes. No Cover. Starts at 6.